Tuesday, October 20, 2009



For nine years.

That's a long time. It's longer than my parents were married. It's longer than The Cosby Show was on the air. Yet... it doesn't feel like a long time. It doesn't feel as if we've been laboring on a chain gang for the length of our marriage. We work on our relationship, but it feels like the kind of work I was built for, we were built to do together.

And Violet...

What can I say about the sticky, sweet glue that is our child. I thought I loved and needed and appreciated Aaron before we replicated ourselves. I had no idea. And still, I persist in underestimating the depth of affection I am capable of. I underestimated the entire universe of emotion in those blurry, childless, early years of my life with Aaron. So fuzzy are those days of yore, that I am fairly certain that nothing really existed before Violet...nothing except Aaron.

Marriage and family makes for a fine case of amnesia.

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