Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday: The Death of Pink?

For some time I have been coveting (on behalf of my child) this skirt from Hannah Andersson.  I have yet to actually purchase anything from their catalog, but someday when I win the lottery, Hannah will be getting a big order from the Heathen Family.

So, anyway. The skirt is pictured with a pair of pink and black striped tights and when I showed the ensemble to Vi, her tiny heart fluttered and she let out a gasp.  Oh, Hannah, why must your skirt be $38.50, plus shipping?

I've been keeping my eyes open for a suitable replacement, in the $10-$15 range.  I was about to give up hope, when I saw a passable alternative in the least likely place. Wal-Mart.

We were at the evil place because we needed to buy cat litter and Violet insisted on visiting the "spooky" aisle before we left. 
There she was. For $5.  Her label sternly warned me ; Do Not Hand Wash, Do Not Machine Wash, Do Not Dry Clean, Do Not Iron.  Clearly, you get what you pay for, but Violet doesn't seem to care that her garment may disintegrate at the slightest provocation (or contact with water).  She has to be begged to remove what she calls her "Black Kitten Ballerina" outfit.

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