Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday: From Denmark with Love

Our downtown post office is a place of wonders, where I can see homeless people trying to mail tattered, 20 year old sweepstakes cards and enjoy smelling the mixture of old lady perfume and unwashed feet.  I go in there for two reasons:

1.  To send packages back from whence they came when certain online retailers send me pre-snagged tights. I'm talking to you we love colors.

2.  To pick up signature requiring parcel posts that always arrive serendipitously on the ONLY afternoon I am not at home to sign for them.

Lorry promised me some time ago that she would send me her old Apple Store duds, so that I could wear them about town and further the cause of recruiting soldiers for the Mac Army.  The box was overflowing with Apple embroidered goodies, which I had every intention of modeling for you, but alas I have been unable to remove my jammies today or shower.  Violet will have to do.  She can totally pull of the all-day jammie look.

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