Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

A few weeks ago I made some lovely flannel jammies using the Oliver + S Pajama Party pattern.  They turned out pretty cute, but they have one major drawback, they require parental assistance.  Now, I can occasionally wrestle Violet to the ground to put on the kimono top and tie the strings, but I'm pretty weak come bedtime and I get tired of yelling.

Of course, I bought enough flannel for three pairs of pajamas, so I couldn't abandon the project altogether. I dipped into our deep pile of mismatched hand-me-downs and found a shirt to go with the polka dot pants.  The appliqued heart is to signal to Violet that this top goes with these pants. 

I just made my own Garanimals, except that Garanimals don't come with the matchy tags anymore do they?

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