Monday, April 13, 2009

Egg Repurposing for the Mayonnaise Phobic

Mayonnaise scares the crap out of me.  I don't much care for the looks of ketchup either, but mayo is the one that really gets my gag reflex humming. In general, I am leery of any shiny, white, sauce-like substance. You never know when it might be mayonnaise and for some reason people think it is perfectly acceptable to lie about the mayonnaise content of a dish just to get you to try it, hoping you will leap your feet and  proclaim, "I was wrong! Mayonnaise is the food of the Gods. Please may I have some more?"

I may have some unresolved issues from my childhood...

The day after Easter, all anyone can talk about is egg salad and deviled eggs.  I mean, what else does one do with 2 dozen brightly colored hard boiled eggs?  In fact, this week is actually National Egg Salad Week.  I will be staying in doors with the shades drawn, lest I glimspe salad dripping zombies wandering up and down my street looking for stray eggs.

Here's my mayonnaise free solution to the Post-Easter egg crisis:

1.  Send your husband (cabana boy, butler, teenage child- whatever) to the grocery store to purchase pickled beets.  He will call you several times to say he cannot find them. Persevere. Pickled beets are usually located with the canned vegetables and not with the dill pickles.  Do not give in to your husband's tears. He will find the beets.

2.  Peel the eggs.  This will be difficult, what with all the distress calls from your husband at the grocery store.

Do all the bluish ones first because the shells will look pretty on the yellow counter top when you photograph them.
3.  Convince small child to try a hard boiled egg while you exasperatingly patiently wait for your jars of beets.
4.  When the husband finally arrives from his grocer's odyssey, dump everything into a lidded bowl. If you have ginormous food service jars lying around, they work even better. 
5.  Leave the eggs and beets in the refrigerator for  a whole day.  Do not be tempted to cut into one after 2 hours just so you can photograph it for your blog.  It won't be totally pink yet, and therefore not nearly as tasty.
Just Say No to Mayo!

The Parent Bloggers Network wants to know what you are doing with all those left over Incredible Edible Eggs.   Go! You might win a prize!

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