Friday, February 20, 2009

Recently Uncovered

Last weekend I made a big deal about our trip to IKEA and then... nothing.  I know you are all clinging to the edges of your seats waiting to see the $5 case of drinking glasses and the dozen multi-colored, plastic bag clips I bought.  I'm sorry, but I warned you I was on a mission.

The trip to IKEA was part of a larger and much more sinister plan to  organize my Pink Room. It is so-called, because it has pink carpet. The iridescent lillies on the wall would cause any child to have nightmares, so this room has always been a junk depository working room.

I resolve to clean this room twice a year and yet it always returns to this condition, because we don't have proper storage. The room is a hodgepodge of old dressers and mismatched desks, which take up more space than they save. Papers are stored in cardboard boxes. Tools are stored in shopping bags. It's a disgrace.  It is impossible to find anything.

This week I have made great progress. We bought tables and shelving on our trip to IKEA and I have begun to exert control over the rogue Pink Room.  Of course, whenever I undertake a job like this I get sucked into  nostalgia at some point.  Today I opened a giant plastic tub marked, "Kelly's High School Box."  The result made me and Violet very happy. She got some "new" toys and I was able to let go of some things that I once deemed too precious to throw away. 

Clearly, these items are not from high school.  I must have decided I couldn't be bothered to write, "Kelly's Box of Stuff that She Can't Figure Out What to Do With and Yet Can't Bring Herself to Throw Away."  Violet let out a gasp of joy when she saw the plastic charm necklace.  It was enough to make me abandon my planned speech about how to take care of special things.  I think she gets it.

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