Saturday, February 21, 2009

Recently Uncovered: Part 2

*See Part 1 of this fascinating series, here.

In case you doubt just how far we've come in the last 20 years, here is another "treasure" that I found while cleaning out the Pink Room.

I was ahead of my time. I was on the internet before it was called "the internet."

30 "personal messages" FREE! Of course, we were the ONLY family in the universe on Prodigy, so it was easy to stay within our monthly e-mail limit.

Talk about blazin' fast dial-up service.  Woo! We would watch football games and check Prodigy to see how quickly they updated the score.  Sometimes it took as little as five minutes.

 I mean, it's practically compatible with everything!  If only I could find a floppy disk drive, we'd be in business. 
I have no idea why I kept this, but now that it has been properly documented it will be taking the long walk to the landfill.  Of course, I might be persuaded to give it away if anyone out there has an interest in starting an Internet Antiquities Museum.  Any takers?

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