Monday, February 23, 2009

Banning Books

When I worked in a bookstore I was often asked about buying books as gifts for kids.  The person purchasing the books usually knew nothing about the child beyond gender and approximate age.  Inquiring about the child's interests produced mixed results. I heard answers like, "I think he plays soccer", or "She likes pink."  Great. I'll just take you to the pink book section and let you decide.  I'm kidding. No customer who initiated this conversation would leave with anything less than a book prescription.  Buy two volumes of Junie B. Jones and don't call me tomorrow to complain that the kid already has the whole collection.


My point is that children do have opinions about literature and reading materials should not be dictated by age or gender.  My daughter still loves her board books, but she also enjoys hearing the original Grimm's version of Snow White.  I know her well enough to know she can handle it.

My husband read very well, at a very early age.  He enjoyed the works of Stephen King when he was still in elementary school.  Aaron is a big believer in NOT censoring reading materials.  However, every reasonable parent has their limit and Violet keeps reminding Aaron what his looks like.

The cover of Etiquette for Outlaws truly is irresistible.  Who doesn't love cartoon depictions of prostitution and gambling.  Violet managed to find the book AGAIN yesterday and she asked so sweetly, "What she doing?"
My pre-parental brain wanted to answer, "Well Sweet Pea, that lady is practicing the world's oldest profession, having sex for money."  Instead, I took pictures of her fondling her contraband book and then I distracted her with promises of candy while I relocated the tome to it's new secret location. Aaron and I aren't quite sure when the right time to learn about tipping your favorite stripper is, but we're pretty sure it's not yet. 
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