Sunday, May 4, 2008


So, I mentioned back in January that Violet was acting like she wanted to wean. Well, she did. In fact, it happened so quickly that I never gave a thought to what it might mean for me physically. Violet had spent the previous 6 months cruising on 3 brief sessions a day. Morning in Mommy and Daddy's bed, afternoon before nap and evening before bed. If I got up before her or she didn't nap, those nursings didn't happen. I never experienced any discomfort when she missed her Na. If she was having a busy day and we only nursed at bedtime, I felt no different. I wasn't entirely sure that there was much milk left in the ladies. Boy, was I wrong. About three weeks ago, I bought some new bras. Purposely, I got wire-free bras because I was having some back and neck pain from my "good" underwire bras. Now, you must know that I have extremely dense breasts. The issue of bra shopping is a serious one for me. I do not wish to suffer, but I also refuse to look like one of those old ladies who tuck their boobs into their waistband. I thoroughly evaluated each bra I tried on. I knew I had made the right decision. Several days later, however, I was looking at myself in the mirror and noticed that nipples were in distinctly different places. I adjusted the bra, but to no avail. My husband assured me that my breasts have always been uneven and the new bras were just highlighting it. I let it go, but the problem seemed to get worse. I washed the bras. I readjusted the straps and still lefty was hanging low. On Thursday, we went out with some friends and I began to notice that my left breast was irresistibly itchy. When we got into the car and were out of sight, I tore into my shirt and started scratching. On closer examination, I could see that my left breast was visibly swollen. Friday, I felt like crap and couldn't bear to wear a bra. I spent Saturday scaring myself with internet photos of inflammatory breast cancer. Today, I noticed that my right breast is a little tender as well. It seems that I have developed mastitis. Never, in two and a half years of nursing, did I get an infection. Now, three months post-weaning I've got swollen, inflamed boobs and no way to relieve the pain. Sniff.
*Fear not. I have an appointment with my gyno.

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