Thursday, May 1, 2008

You Happy?

Violet now checks on our moods frequently throughout the day. "You happy Mommeee?" "You happy Daddeee?" "Is Pixie happy?" The dog is usually cowering behind me when this question gets asked. My aunt says that Violet is preparing for hard core manipulation tactics, but I have to believe better of my child. I know that she will someday use the information she is learning now to gage the best time to approach the subject of large investments in her toy arsenal. Right now, I am happy to just let her figure out my face. I acknowledge that my husband and I are not happy-go-lucky, constant smilers. We can be very quiet sometimes. Violet is learning to navigate the waters of an introverted, creative household. I suppose it doesn't help that we are constantly asking her if she is okay. She is also reserved and quiet at times. I believe learning to read people will serve her well. Hopefully, she will use her power for good and not for evil.

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