Monday, March 10, 2008

Left Over Ricotta Cheese

I am forever trying to make pudding. I crave it at the most inopportune times. I never have all of the ingredients. I never have the time or the patience, until now! I discovered a teeny little formula on the web that was the answer to all my cosmic begging. I hesitate to call it a recipe. You must have ricotta cheese and chocolate and a food processor (a fine sieve and patience will do as well). I will lay out the steps I took to achieve boxless instant pudding.

1. Process ricotta cheese until smooth. This will take much longer than you think. Taste test it for graininess. Keep pulsing.

2. Melt chocolate in microwave. You don't need to add milk, but it won't hurt.

3. Pour melted chocolate into processor and pulse again and again and again, until smooth. At this point you are done, unless you feel the need for sugar or vanilla or whatever.

4. Pour into serving vessels and chill.

*The proportions of cheese and chocolate are dependent on how much you have on hand. My ratio was about 3 parts cheese to one part chocolate.

This was magnificently simple and good. Usually, effortless recipes end up tasting, well, effortless. I will tweak this in the future, using different kinds of chocolate. This recipe is only as good as the chocolate, so if you have Wal-Mart chips in the cupboard you're gonna get Wal-Mart pudding. Sometimes, that's okay, like during a blizzard. Violet enjoyed this immensely and I didn't feel too guilty about giving it to her because it was mostly cheese. I did have to stop her though, because it has that I can't stop eating even though I am going to be sick quality about it. I made myself a little sick, but it was worth it.

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