Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daylight Savings is Kicking My Ass

When I had a job outside of my home, I always dreaded "Spring Forward". You lose an hour of sleep and you never seem to get back to your routine. I thought my discomfort had something to do with setting the alarm and getting up to go to work, but it has become clear to me that my brain cannot handle time change. In the future when people are enjoying their time-travel vacations, I will be at home in the present desperately clinging to my schedule. I have had no pressing engagements since the clocks went forward and yet I am fighting a losing battle with that stupid hour. I get up late. I am too tired to get moving and before I know it, the house has descended into a crumb strewn mine field of toys. Violet is all discombobulated too. She was awake until almost 10:30 last night, just lying in bed snorting like an angry bull. The laundry has piled up, clean but not folded. I continually come back to the computer to look at my iGoogle and hours of inertia tick by. All I have to show for my day is the reassurance that Michelle and Matilda Rose will be "taken care of" (says People.com) and the knowledge that Elliot Spitzer is a dirty old man. Chronic cabin fever does nothing to improve the situation. I looked longingly at the melting snow drifts. Even with the bright sun and trickling water, it was only 36 degrees. The weather is a filthy teasing whore! Oh, how I long to find out just how much my physical stamina has suffered from months of inactivity.

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