Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

So, our whirlwind flirtation with local fame came to a spectacular conclusion this week. Violet was invited to help cut the ribbon for a new pavilion at our downtown metro park. The media materials I received referred to Violet as "The Ambassador of Family Fun". Trust me when I say, we wore that title out.  It's an especially funny moniker for a child who is busy spreading her joy through a temper tantrum.

This is video from our local news.

I was instructed to dress Violet as a fairy, so that she would be recognized from the Parkways cover.  I was under the impression that I would be taking photos of my darling celebrity, but the PR department had other plans for me.  I was charged with wielding the big scissors.  As it was explained to me, my job was to make the actual cut on the ribbon, because the kids were given safety scissors.  Ha! Those ginormous scissors were as blunt as a pair of old butter knives.  One of the boys who shared the stage with us managed to cut the ribbon, through the sheer force of his will.  I swear it was made of kevlar.

It was a lot of fun, being famous for a time, but I'm happy we can return to our life of anonymity.  It would be really stressful for me to make myself look presentable all the time.

What were you wearing this week?

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