Friday, April 16, 2010

I'll Remember You All When I'm Famous

I've been keeping a little something special under my hat for a few weeks now. I've been waiting for the right time to do a big announcement.  I wanted it to be special...then I got bored and decided that I would show you right now. It's all about timing people.

I regularly contribute photos to the Flickr group for Dayton's Metro Parks. I like sharing local photos with local folks. You get more feedback that way.  Anyway, a few months ago I got a message from the public relations department at Five Rivers Metro Parks, asking if they could use some of my photos for their upcoming summer bulletin. After I got done squealing and jumping up and down I wrote a very professional response and got the ball rolling to super stardom for my little family.

We met with a PR rep from Five Rivers and did a little interview about how we use the parks to learn and have fun as a family.  Violet got her picture taken playing in the Children's Garden and we got a nice copy of the Parkways cover. It was pretty cool.  My local readers can expect to find the bulletin sometime next month.  If you don't subscribe, you can pick up a copy at the library.

As if that weren't enough, we were informed this week that Violet will also be gracing the cover of a family fun guide.

It won't be long before all the children of Dayton are sporting kitten ears, tiaras and wings.

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