Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

This is Violet's costuming vision for her 5th birthday party. Polka dot backdrop optional. She is full of ideas lately.

Some random quotes from my dotty little girl:

"Mary! You are not a ghost. Look in the mirror."  Mary is a white, stuffed dog.

"Boobies are funny." Said from the toilet, as she watched me get in the shower.

"Ouch! Mama, you need to clean this room. I stepped on this thing and it hurt." She said this after totally rejecting the verity of my own injury in her messy room.

"Mary stayed awake all night! She is teaching all the other animals to stay up all night!"

"Mama!! I slept in my clothes. I looked down this morning and I was like, OH My God! I never put pajamas on."

"That toothpaste is too spicy." We ran out of her mild, mint kid paste and she had to use the grown up stuff.

"Actually...Mary hates all animals...but only zoo animals." The word actually is a favorite of Violet's.

What have your kids been saying lately?

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