Monday, June 21, 2010

My Baby Niece is 15 and if You Do the Math that Means I Am Old

My little sister got a jump on things about 15 years ago and gave birth to my lovely niece Breanna.  Sure, people worry when 16 year olds have babies, but I'd say my sister is having the last laugh on that.  By the time my sister is 40, she will have finished raising her kids AND she will hold several college diplomas.

My niece and nephew are coming to visit next month and I will surely take lots of WAY more impressive photos than this, but for now this must suffice.

Apparently, the folks at I Heart Faces are unaware of my summer schedule and decided to put on a teen challenge THIS week.  I would fare much better if the challenge were held the last week of July, but whatever. I'm not bitter.

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