Sunday, June 7, 2009

Soooo Much Pink

Violet had her first ballet recital on Friday night. Parents familiar with the junior recital milieu will know that this event is fraught with both anxiety and crippling boredom. The right thing to do is to stick it out and watch each and every performance. All the dancers deserve to have an audience.


Violet's dance school is a big one. Miss Cheryl teaches the recently potty trained, all the way up to adults. The show had a 20 minute opening number, an intermission and a grande finale. There is only so much amateur dance that the average Mommy & Daddy preschooler can endure. We bugged out early respectfully just before intermission. I felt a bit guilty, until I saw several of Violet's classmates sneaking out at the same time.

Then we got ice cream.

The End.

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