Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

Violet's wardrobe has been pretty tame since her recital. After two straight days in this get-up, a girl just wants to wear some rags.  The sparkles on the bodice of this little number feel like tiny shards of glass. Violet's two best friends suffer from eczema and I thought they just might pass out from the itchiness. Everyone survived and the "babies" performed as expected. NO one was in sync, and all of the girls kept their eyes on Miss Cheryl in the wings.

Violet was front and center, and completely distracted by the castle mural behind her.

When the girls got down on the floor for "bridges" and "baskets" (they might as well call it "fluff -n- butts"), the audience erupted.  It was the most enthusiastic applause of the night. 
Now we know that it's all down hill from here. This is the peak of the amateur ballerina experience.

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