Saturday, January 3, 2009


Aaron gave his mother an unusual gift for Christmas this year. He's known for this and sometimes he lands off the mark (way off the mark in the case of the Hustler Hollywood gift card of '03 fiasco). This year's gift was the gift of Zumba, more specifically Zumba with Kelly (Pattie is kind of shy and would be unlikely to go by herself. )

A gift for my mother-in-law, or penance for me?

Here's where I fail as the snarky hostess of the Heathen Family Revival.  I wanted to be able to write about how corny Zumba is or how stupidly impossible it was to keep up, but I can't. It was fun. I mean really, really fun. It was like a great wedding were all the guests dance, but aren't so drunk that they throw up after the electric slide.  Sure, I had a moment where I thought my heart was going to explode, but I slowed down and caught my breath and it was all good. 

I've got a pretty sizable chip on my shoulder about physical education, having been tortured with the rural public school version during my formative years. It has taken me half a lifetime to embrace the possibility of exercise as fun. Zumba may have cured me of my cynicism. Of course, I may change my mind when I wake up sore tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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