Friday, January 2, 2009

All the Mediocrity That I Crave

 Project 365 is going to help me achieve something with my blog that has been elusive up until now. Documenting the beautiful banality of everyday life. I want to have a snapshot of each and every day. I want to be able to revel in the mediocrity of my life. Tiny things slip  away from us and are forgotten. Violet will grow out of funny faces and pronunciations too quickly. I want to capture it. Stop time. Preserve the inconsequential nuances of our journey as a family. 

It might get boring sometimes, so I will only post the really great photos here on my blog. Or, I'll post them when I am suffering from writer's block. Oh, and I'll probably post them on Wordless Wednesday...the point is if you don't see a photo here every day, don't think I've given up. I will post all the photographs on Flickr.  While you are there you can see what all the other participants are posting. It's a lovely window into the lives of our fellow humans.

We are all the same, our perspectives are just different.

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