Saturday, January 3, 2009

How to Lose an Argument and Still Win

During this entire conversation I am taking pictures of my husband who hates to be photographed.

Wife: Remember, that [wooden spatula] doesn't go in the dishwasher.

Husband: [Satisfied chuckle].

Wife: What? I'm sorry. It doesn't.

Husband: It doesn't go in there today.

Wife: No. It never goes in the dishwasher.

Husband: That's not what you said last time.

Wife: What last time?

Husband: I wrote it down. You said it was okay to put the wooden spatula in the dishwasher. It's in my notebook upstairs.

Wife: Really?

Husband: I just read it today.... get that camera out of my face.

Wife: Oh, but your right. I just want to take a picture of what you look like when your right.

Husband: Stop it.

Wife: I'M wrong. Oooh. Whatta think of that. I'm wrong and your right.

Husband: Quit it.

Wife: Don't you want to see what it looks like to be right?

Husband: NO!

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