Monday, January 19, 2009


When sorting through the mismatched pile of magnetic poetry you find lurking on top of the refrigerator, you will suddenly remember that your husband gifted you with the Erotic collection. This will necessitate combing through each and every magnet before passing on the irresistibly tiny words to your 3 year old child.  After awhile all the words will begin to look / sound suspiciously lurid. 


Does MONKEY really mean PENIS?

Why are there so many TICKLE pieces?

Does ROCKET really mean PENIS?


Does FRIEND really mean PENIS?

I eliminated all of the words that I might find myself unable to define without sweating. So, along with throb  and orgasm, I also tossed out God and worship. 

*I know you can see the word breast there in the cast off pile. I am not afraid of the word breast, but I could not conceive of any story or poem that Violet might legitimately create that would include the word breast.

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