Monday, January 19, 2009

Media High Colonic

Just like fasting can help detoxify the body and jump start a new routine of healthy eating, unplugging can help break a cycle of too much TV. January is a tough time for switching off the flickering box, but I've been inspired to do just that.

Play Activities is hosting Operation Playtime, 12 days of unplugged play.  Starting January 20th, they will post a play activity everyday.  As much as I decry conformity, I really do find that I need a boost of peer pressure to help break a nasty habit.  I will gorge myself on the inauguration media frenzy tomorrow and then Wednesday morning we will go cold turkey for 12 days.  No media (Okay, not really, I can't unplug the internet. THAT would be taking things too far).

Won't you join me?

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