Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random Objet d'art

Let me explain.

The grocery store is full of random products that are seemingly endorsed by Dora the Explorer. Although, I no longer along Dora to be shown in MY home, Violet watches her EVERY time she goes to Grandma's house. Therefore, Violet can spot Dora on a single serving size can of niblet corn at 50 paces. I pride myself on never giving in to the terrorist demands of my small child at the grocery store, but I do occasionally like to mix things up and grant a well spoken request. "Please, Mama! Dora!" So, I bought the Dora glue, not just because she said please (with one E), but because glue is a practical purchase in a crafty household and it was cheap. Now, how did the glue end up stranded on my bathroom shelf? When I bring home toiletries from the grocery store, I leave them all in one bag and take them upstairs the next time I go. The glue got mixed up in that bag and when I unpacked the toothpaste and shampoo, the glue tumbled out into the waiting arms of my over eager tot. Placing the glue on my shelf was the only way to prevent Violet from painting herself with Fiesta Glue. It was a good decision. Dora has been waiting patiently ever since.

Don't worry Dora. Any day now necessity will rescue you from your dusty exile.

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