Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How to Get Your Heart Rate Up

This is the terrifying creature our feline mistress of evil (Fredericka von KittyKat) chased into the kitchen last night. Imagine standing in your dimly lit galley and opening the door for the cat, only to be greeted by a giant flying praying mantis in full defense mode. Fred was hot on it's tail and my first instinct was to yell, "GET IT!" and then I imagined the carnage and intervened. After all, the praying mantis is really a very peaceful critter. I would look like this too if a fat, angry, orange furball was trying to eat me. I frantically calmly grabbed my trusty Pyrex measuring cup and scooped up the frightened mantis. I think it was relieved, because it didn't try to escape as I tossed it back outside. Even in the light of day, I feel the heebie jeebies. "Is it on me? I feel like it's on me!"
*Now, obviously I did not snap this picture. Fear does not improve my skills as a photographer.

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