Monday, May 1, 2006

So, the aforementioned duplex across the street from my house got some new tenants. We now have a full compliment human stupidity living just yards away, ready to for anthropologists to study. Since they have moved in, I've made a few observations of my own. There are four or five people, adult sized, who appear to be totally unrelated. Two of the women are comically fat. The older one has to take the long, front steps sideways, because her belly comes so close to her knees. The other residents include a relatively well-dressed young man and a skinny African-American girl. The young fattie, the young man and the black girl have spent the better part of the day sitting on the steps whooping at traffic. For a while Young Fattie was grooming Young Man, leading me to believe that these people must be performing some sort of street theatre. Young Fattie was rewarded for her grooming skills with an orange. They are still whooping at traffic! Before the whooping began, the police were at the duplex making their regular visit to the criminals who live upstairs. I'm so glad!

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