Tuesday, May 2, 2006

There is a run-down duplex that sits to the left of my house. In the backyard, our houses are very close. The fine occupants have been playing a stereo all day and all night, on a station that plays the worst kind of offensive rap and R&B music. I genuinely fear what this might do to Violet's creative sensibilities. Not only is the music unbearable, but the DJs and the commercials make me feel like I'm chewing on glass. I actually wish they would turn it up, so that I could call the police!

So, today I confirmed that my daughter Violet has no tolerance for exposure to the sun. I suspected it before, but today it was proven. We took some pictures at the Cox Arboretum (because all the pics of me with Vi are sleeping/nursing/unflattering) and the baby was pink in minutes. Apparently, my fine mixed European genes bleach all the color out of my husband's Cherokee DNA. I was looking forward to having a child who might not cost me a fortune in SPF 50, but alas it was never meant to be. I will be spending the next 10 years of my life wrestling Violet to the ground and applying sunscreen. Perhaps it is time to invest in a full body sprayer, like Mystic Tan, but with sunscreen. Can you make a shower head spray SPF 50?

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