Monday, May 1, 2006

Babies are not supposed to watch television. It is not good for their developing brains. We stupified, zombie adults should recognize the terrible effects of TV. Look how unproductive we are. We don't have to slaughter or harvest anything. Our laundry is done by a machine, so are our dishes. No one has to fetch water from the well or walk outside to pee- at least not by necessity. We should be doing fabulous things with all of this free time we have. What do we do instead of creating things or learning? We sit in front of the shiny box and allow ourselves to be hypnotized. I do it everyday. It is a contant struggle not flop into the couch and let the broadcasters do my thinking for me. I thought having a DVR would make things better, but it makes it worse. I save so much time by skipping through commercials that I have "time" to search for new programs to record. I can spend hours scouring the schedule of programmng to find stuff to watch later. It is totally ridiculous! Violet recognizes the theme music to Friends, and COPS. "I'll Be There for You" causes her to stop, look and dance. "Bad Boys" makes her sleepy, since COPS is generally our pre-bedtime viewing. I have already ruined my baby and she will never be able to learn anything!!! I have lived in the city for so long now that silence makes my skin itch. If the TV isn't on, the radio is. I'm afraid that Violet will never be able to appreciate the joys of quiet. The only time when I turn everything off is when she is napping, so that I can hear the baby monitor. Even that offers a sort of amplified white noise, as it picks up street noise and wind and whatnot. I am always telling people that my daughter does not watch television. I should say, "Violet does not watch children's television." Her favorite toy is the remote control, because she sees Mommy and Daddy fondling it so often. I need a TV rehab program. Of course, I would then immediately need an internet rehab. I CAN'T STOP STARING AT SHINY BOXES!

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