Thursday, October 26, 2006

I got Violet all dressed up in her pretty little khaki pants. I bought a new off-white sweater for myself and packed the nice diaper bag (the one that makes me look less like a bag lady). We grabbed our carefully packaged gift and got into Grandma Pattie’s car. Everything fell apart after that. I should plan for the worst, but I am an optimist. Violet was reticent, but under control, when first we arrived. I let her walk around and explore the carpeted classrooms surrounding the church event room. We found the mirror in the hallway and said a hello to another toddler. But, all too soon the pressure was on. People wanted to hold her, love on her, show her off and this is something that Violet cannot abide. If there is one rule my daughter has, it is this:


This rule is doubly true for people who never/rarely visit our house. It seems the key to winning Violet’s heart is to woo her on her own terms on her own turf. Grandma Pattie learned this lesson the hard way after a few tragic babysitting sessions. Violet isn’t shy, she let her feelings on the matter be known by screaming through most of the baby shower. Well, most of the hour we stayed anyway. I couldn’t justify torturing Violet and the 3 dozen strangers in attendance any longer. Grandma and I stayed long enough for Violet to get chocolate, cheese doodle, apple juice and pink nonpareil all over my new sweater. Once we informed Violet that we would be leaving, her mood brightened and she began cheerfully waving at everyone. She is her father’s daughter. I suppose we’ll never have to worry about her becoming a party animal.

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