Sunday, December 10, 2006

On Friday, the dryer died. The general vicinity of the dryer had been smelling like cremated mouse for some time. I should have seen it coming, but I was in denial. We chose not to take advantage of a Day-after Thanksgiving sale on washer/dryer pairs and I was feeling a little stupid about that. I did not want to break the news to Aaron, who had been looking forward to buying a Nintendo Wii after the new year. Ahh, adulthood. After the initial shock of losing a major appliance, I began to get giddy. We decided to replace both the washer and dryer as a preemptive strike. The washer was every bit as old as the dryer and frankly my clothes didn’t feel clean any more. This meant I could finally have a front loading washing machine! I know that in the end my new front loader will pay for itself in water and electricity conservation. And, it has pretty buttons. If you need me, I will be washing clothes all this week.

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