Monday, November 19, 2007

Hermione has always been an escape artist. It is the nature of her breed to dig and she dug her way out of our fenced yard many times. Her desire to escape has only intensified as our family has grown. Pixie and Fred sent her barking for freedom. Violet put her over the edge. Almost two weeks ago, she decided that she had had all she could stand. I know that she was at her breaking point because it was a cold day (around freezing) and she has never before attempted to escape in the winter. She simply disappeared. Usually, a neighbor brings her back or we spot her just as she’s about to cross Wyoming St. Not this time. Aaron looked, put up flyers and called all the shelters. Pattie looked for a body in the street, but there was nothing. Aaron had a few really bad days, but he’s starting to accept that she’s gone. Just as some people are sure of an afterlife, I am sure that Hermione is curled up in the lap of a very attentive little old lady someplace. She has been bathed, trimmed and re-christened Toto or LuLu or something and she couldn’t be happier. I simply haven’t the stomach for darker thoughts. I’m talking Aaron into believing the same. Perhaps Aaron would recover more quickly if Violet didn’t keep asking “where ‘mione?”.

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