Sunday, December 16, 2007

So, despite our best efforts to become a family that does not need cable television, we caved in today. Reception is so poor on our TV at this point that we had no choice but to re-install our Dish. A fine young man came to our house and was happy to see that we already had a dish on our roof. His joy was short lived when it became clear that the dish was falling off the roof (the roof in fact is damaged)Today’s temp was below freezing and our roof is old and steep. Our intrepid installer decided to brave it. Aaron put on his shoes, just in case he should have to run out and administer CPR. We had a good laugh about that sitting on our warm couch and then we heard a crash! Thankfully, Dish Boy did not actually fall off the roof. He threw the old dish to the ground and then scrambled down the ladder with what little composure he had left. Then, he cried. Yep, the Dish Boy cried crouching on the floor in our living room. After he got a hold of himself, the boy called his boss to say that this install was a no-go. His sensitive boss offered suggestions about how he could secure the ladder, but insisted that he do the job. Oh, and this was Dish Boy’s day off. He was doing a favor for his boss by working today. I quickly suggested that we put the dish elsewhere. The original installation had been difficult, if not perilous and I saw no reason to go on pretending that we are the kind of people who care about how a dish on a stick looks in the yard. I am happy to say that we now have a dish on a stick in the backyard and I am once again able to watch Gingerbread House Contests on Food Network and nobody died!

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