Thursday, February 1, 2007

Before Violet was born, Aaron and I fantasized about what she would be like. We hoped that she would be funny and pretty and smart. We really wanted her to be a reader. It is appalling and astonishing to us when people tell us that they don’t read. Aaron and I read a lot. Apparently, this is contagious. Recently, Violet has been turning to her books when I turn the TV off. Instead of playing with her toys or chasing the dogs, she picks up a book and sits down to read. She likes to read in her own chair, but more and more I find her sitting in my spot on the couch under the lamp. Violet has also begun to imitate another behavior of ours, the stacking of books on the end table. We have various magazines and books in a queue next to the couch. Violet likes to bring her board books over and pile them up alongside our pile. She also puts her sippy cup there, next to my coffee mug.

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