Thursday, January 18, 2007

Last night Violet slept in her own bed for the first time. It wasn’t all night and she woke up 4 times in as many hours, but it was a start. She never liked her crib, never slept in it. So, I took down one rail and put the rest of the crib next to our bed, to give us all enough room to sleep. Now, the removed rail is attached to the side of a twin bed in Violet’s bedroom. It’s no longer a nursery. It’s a toddler’s bedroom. I did not sleep well while Violet was in her own room, but I was very excited about reading in my bed. Aaron was so excited he brought two books and his PSP to bed with him. Not that he got to use any of it, we chatted about Violet sleeping in her own bed, until she woke up again!

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