Friday, February 2, 2007

I always knew that I would be the kind of mother that insisted on everyone’s participation in the keeping of the house. Just ask Aaron. I wasn’t sure when I should start encouraging Violet to help, until she picked up the sweeper and started going. Since then I have been surprised at how easy it is to convince Vi that cleaning up is fun. The hard part is keeping her on task. I guess I understand why some people end up doing all the work themselves. It would be easier and faster to pick up the blocks if we didn’t have to put them through the shape sorter on the top of the bucket. Mama’s Little Helper generally makes my work harder, but I am willing to tough it out for the end result. Violet made a mess feeding herself for 10 months straight and now she is remarkably proficient with a spoon. So, I figure in about 10 months Violet will doing her own laundry, which will prompt her to want to be diaper free and she’ll potty train herself to avoid washing diapers. It’s all part of my master plan!

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