Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

This gumball machine mustache was the only thing Violet enjoyed about eating lunch at our local taqueria.

While away with her Grandma, Violet gets to indulge in the childhood equivalent of the Vegas slots.  I almost never have money for gumball machines, so Vi gets pretty jacked up when she gets to put in a quarter and turn the dial.  This weekend she got an enormous Shrek tattoo.  Violet has never seen the movie Shrek (because her parents think it's stupid) and the tattoo is kind of ugly, but she would not be deterred.  Grandma couldn't bare to apply the nearly 5 inch tat to Violet's arms or legs, so she made an interesting decision. She put Shrek on Violet's butt.  You'll have to imagine it for yourself. I took a photo for my private collection, but there was no way to make it decent enough for internet consumption.  It takes up one whole cheek.

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