Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Garden Club: Weeds Are Plants Too

I've noticed that folks with gardens are always talking about the weeds. The weeds must go! The weeds are evil! How can I get fewer weeds and more pretty plants? Wah, wah, wah!

Weeds need love too, people! I have taken it upon myself to start a weed sanctuary. My yard is a place where morning glories and crab grass of every shape and color can come to feel safe. Creeping vines of all sorts need not worry about being ripped from the ground and unceremoniously thrown in the compost pile. There are no precious zucchini plants or tomato cages to impede the growth of dandelions in my backyard.

I have also created a spectacular chigger habitat. I received four bites of gratitude while I was taking this picture.  They really are very happy in this space.

Of course, despite my best efforts to create a beauty-free zone in my yard, the Trumpet Creeper vine on my back fence continues to flourish. It's even sent out little search parties into the tall grass to look for new places to sprout.

If I use macro focus no one need ever know how much of a mess my yard really is.  I think that's the best solution, better gardening through tricky photography.

Okay, the real gardeners are working over here at Aliceson's place. Go visit and see actual food being grown.  It really is a mystery to me how she does it.

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