Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blanky and Cranky

*I am going to whine. Right here, right now. Look away if this offends you. 

I am done. I don't know what to do about it or how to resolve my done-ness, but done I am.  Done! Done, I tell you!

It did not snow that much in 2009, or 2008. It probably didn't snow a whole lot in 2007 either.  I don't remember, because any snow we had disappeared pretty quickly. There were long breaks between snow storms. It was not SNOMAGEDON.  Violet played outside in the snow for less than 10 minutes in 2007.  She did not like it. In 2008, she "helped" shovel a bit and watched a snow plow nearly bury her and her father on the sidewalk. Last winter, I brought snow into the house and let her play with it in the sink after she was too cold to play outside.  My point is, snow gear has never been necessary.  Our brief forays into the yard or the journey from front door to car, were not enough to justify the purchase of snow boots and snow pants.  Also, you have to buy the snow boots and pants in October, because that's when the asshole retailers put them out.  So, it's a pricey gamble. Will it snow this winter? What size will the child expand to by the time snow starts piling up? 

Violet has no snow boots, no snow pants and a "fashion" winter coat (the same goes for her parents, BTW).  No one in our circle of friends has any outgrown snow gear to pass down.  There are NO boots, or pants to be found in stores.    We are utterly unprepared for an extended winter wonderland.

The members of the Heathen Family are prisoners in their own home. 

She's wearing four pairs of pants & they were all soaked through.

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