Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

Yeah, yeah, yeah, she's cute in her light-up glasses.  It's not about the glasses.  Take a look at that precision french braid across Violet's head.  She can sleep in that bad boy and it doesn't budge.  This may seem like a small accomplishment to some, but Violet's bangs have been the bane of my existence since late 2006.  Barrettes fall out, head bands just FAIL and cutting requires more maintenance than I have the patience for.  I will not pay someone to cut the bangs for me. THAT would be madness in my mind, considering I barely get myself in for a haircut when necessary.  I am also no good at french braiding. My crafty fingers turn to clumsy vienna sausages when faced with manipulating fine hair into orderly plaits.  The forehead braid, however, seems to be my strong suit.  With just the right amount of dampness, I can wrangle the hair comfortably and not have to worry about it falling into Violet's cereal the next morning.

2003 Kelly would have started daydreaming about old episodes of Friends about halfway through this conversation.


*I guess I do need a vacation. Thanks for all the advice, by the way.

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