Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

The snow madness has begun to set in around here.  We don't have it as bad as you northern folks, but this is an unusual amount of misery snow for Southern Ohio and we like to whine about it.

Violet has coped with her shut-in status as you would expect her to.

Daddy has suffered the brunt of Violet's whimsy.

There are 8 layers to this look; each one more important than the last.
  1. marabou boa
  2. layered head bands
  3. extra barretts
  4. Dorothy costume
  5. bracelets/ ponytail holders
  6. ill-advised sharp plastic sword
  7. inner arm tattoo, or tuttoo as the kids are calling them these days

     8. scrunchy ankle bracelets

This is an ensemble designed to defy logic, boredom and the winter blues. It seems to be working on all counts.

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