Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bear with Me, it all Makes Sense in the End

Yesterday the dog got a bath.  Normally this can be done in the kitchen sink, but it was cold so Aaron took her upstairs to the bathroom.  With the door shut we can keep it pretty warm for our elderly 5 pound pup.   It was uneventful and Pixie smells much better now.

Violet's kitten is looooong overdue for a fixin'.  We are enduring our second bout of all night caterwauling.  Even Violet's sleep has been disturbed by Mittens and her cries for love. I heard a version of myself yelling from baby girl's room last night, "Now. That. Is. Enough."  If only money grew on trees, we would send Mittens to the vet right now for a little spa treatment. Ahem.

On Thursdays we have our homeschool playgroup and I usually get up early so that I can shower and consume enough coffee.  My bladder is very sensitive to caffeine. I need an extra hour for peeing if I plan to leave the house in the morning.

Today I got up even earlier because I could no longer pretend that I might actually sleep through the kitten's shrieking.  I carefully gathered some clothes in the dark, so as not to wake Aaron and headed for the bathroom.  I piled the clothes on the floor and turned on the shower.

A blast of cold water hit me right in the face. I was so confused. For a moment I became convinced that I was dreaming. The spray kept coming and blinking through the torrent of water I could see that Aaron hadn't  returned the shower nozzle to it's proper position.  I wrestled it back into place and turned the water off.  My pajamas and my neat pile of clothes were now all wet. 

With my compassion washed away I burst into the bedroom and flipped on the big, bright, overhead light. There was some screaming from the blinded man in my bed and then I felt better.

The End.

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