Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When the Voices in Your Head Don't Calm You Down...Blog

Thanks for the pep talk about my Christmas cards. Before I got my own blog, I would have stewed about this little incident for days and days. Talking to one's self does not provide the positive feedback necessary for a speedy emotional recovery, no matter how much you agree with yourself. 

To celebrate my acceptance of the rejection of my offensive Christmas card (see how I can laugh about it now), I have hand crafted gifts for the two littlest people in our family.  My family is all about homemade stuff and personal, sentimental type gifts.  My husband's family (whom we spend Christmas with) is not terribly comfortable with such intimacies. In the past, I have tried my best to respect their quirks, but I HAD to make these.

I found the pattern for Molly Monkey on a blog called mmmcrafts. I would show you how I put them together, but the pattern itself does a much better job. It is truly idiot proof.  I made them out of all one fabric, instead of scraps like the pattern calls for. The crown was my idea and the green tutu is one of those fabulous no-sew numbers rendered in miniature.  The polka-dot monkey is made from flannel and has a crinkly belly and a jingly tail, as her soon-to-be mama is but a scant 9 months old.  They aren't perfect, but Violet immediately requested her own when she saw what I made, so they must be okay.  Is it stupid that I'm nervous about my gifts to a 3 year old and her baby sister? 

I think I might need to make myself a batch of high octane egg nog. Clearly, my nerves are shot.

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