Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

Someone I know likes to wear head bands.  Actually, if you ask her she'll say she likes to wear "hand bags".  We're working on it.

The problem with plastic head bands is that they are not shaped like any child's head and therefore do not hold any hair back. Stretchy elastic bands just slide off the back of Violet's head in a matter of minutes. Spiky head band hair is a huge pet peeve in Violet's universe.  Every time I adjust her head band, Vi fusses.  "No hair sticking up!" Much of the time her tiara-like head bands are worn in addition to a barrette. Ah, the lowly barrette, doing the thankless job of keeping hair out of Violet's eyes.

I have begun my seasonal crochet binge and came across a really cool and really simple head band pattern by creativeyarn.  The pattern was actually too simple and I managed to complicate it, but subsequent head bands will be produced with ease.  I used a different flower on Vi's head band; one that I had lying around already. It works like magic, but it is fitted.  You need to measure your melon and account for stretch in the yarn.

I made one for myself as well, but it is done in a really garish, red, acrylic yarn and will most likely not see the light of day.  I think I might buy some pretty yarn and make a bunch of these to stuff in Violet's stocking. Pink, sparkle yarn here I come!

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