Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Wardrobe Wednesday to bring you cake.

I'm no great baker.  Generally, my goods are delicious or pretty and never the twain shall meet.  Today's endeavor is presentable and edible and that's about as much as I could hope for.

Because it is Aaron's birthday, there is absolutely no chocolate in this cake.  My husband refuses to eat fruit in it's healthy, raw state, but he sure does love it all pulverized and sugared in dessert form. So, I made strawberry-lemon layer cake with cream cheese icing.

FYI:  Trying to explain the skull-n-bones joke to a four year old is an exercise in futility.  She only understands sprinkles.  

This cake might have been 4 layers had Heathen Family Luck not intervened to destroy one layer as I attempted to remove it from the pan.  In the end I think that was probably for the best.  I'm already petitioning strangers on the street to come take some of this cake away.

Any blog readers in the Southwest Ohio area are welcome to come relieve me of my cakey burden.

*Oh, and lest you find me cruel and insensitive, Aaron will only be "old" for 34 days. On October 20, I will join him at the impossibly ancient age of 33. Seriously, neither of us feel a day over 31.

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