Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

My dear friend M just issued another fruit from her loins and because I recently got a copy of Weekend Sewing, I made this. 

My friends, who are now parents to 3 babes, are tattoo aficionados. In fact, this fabric immediately reminded me of Mr. M and his many, many tattoos. The fabric softened a bit after washing, but it's still a little stiff for baby comfort.  We'll see if it gets worn more than once.  I'll admit that I had no interest in buying any pedestrian traditional baby fabric.  Producing something that looks like it came from Baby Gap is simply not worth the effort. Not that this was much of an effort.  I made two of these and the first one took about two hours. The second kimono probably only took me an hour. 

The picture doesn't do justice to just how small this thing is.  I should have had Violet hold it up to herself.  I must ferry it to the new baby quick or he will have outgrown it.  M's babes do not stay wee for long.

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