Thursday, July 30, 2009

Then and (almost) Now

Thanks to facebook I am occasionally horrified delighted by recently unearthed and scanned photographs from the days of yore.  This photo doesn't need much explanation, other than it is a cast party.  Also, it is an extremely rare glimpse of me in a swimsuit. 

I am vain and water is not my best look.

Fast-forward nearly ten years and my swim look is very different.  In fact, it makes me pine for those days when I was merely worried about blinding people with my alabaster skin. Now, I must concern myself with how best to maintain my dignity while dealing with enormous, rogue boobs.  I wear it well, but there are trusses and bungee cords under that swim dress, straining to keep my bosom under wraps.  This was the last time (2006) I allowed myself to be photographed in a bathing suit.  My need to document every aspect of Violet's life trumped my vanity for one morning. 

Needless to say, we have not kept up with parent participatory swim lessons.  Next year, she can go in without me!

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