Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stupid. On A Number of Levels.

Last night we decided that we really, really needed to see Public Enemies.  Johnny Depp. Christian Bale.  Period costumes.
Sign me up. 

Clearly, I am not a member of the MPAA, but I did view a trailer for the movie and concluded that it was not appropriate for Violet.  The Tale of Desperaux gave her nightmares so I'm guessing machine gun fire and lots of blood would send her to therapy.

Call me a square, but in general I feel that 4 year olds should not be allowed to view R rated movies.  I mean, except for Raging Bull.  All children should see that before heading off to kindergarten.  It's just good sense.

So, anyway... Violet was safely stowed at her Grandmother's and we settled in for our 10 o'clock showing of Public Enemies.  10 minutes before the lights dimmed, a group of comically fashionable young people came into the theater looking for their seats.  The girls were all coiffed with teeny barretted pompadours on top of their heads.  Big purses, tiny jeans, high heels, etc.  It was like an issue of Teen Vogue threw up all over them.  I snickered a bit and then I noticed that they were escorting a girl child of about 3. She was tarted up just like the big girls, complete with dozens of necklaces around her neck, skinny jeans and a tunic style tank top. It was hard to say if she was a child or sibling in this group.  I would like to think that someone got grounded after it was revealed that she took her baby sister to an R rated movie, but I doubt that's the case.

Thankfully, someone wised up about 20 minutes into the film and removed the child from the theater.  She didn't seem to be upset by what she saw, but I'm sure she had some interesting nightmares that night, that is, if anyone bothered to put her to bed at all.

*By the way, we enjoyed the movie, but it was a tad long and not nearly as sexy as I had hoped.

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