Monday, April 27, 2009


Sometimes the baby does not get returned to us in the same condition we dropped her off in.

Grandma doesn't beat Violet or anything, but sometimes she does decorate her. Violet has come home with fake tattoos and nail polish. Sometimes she has barrettes and things in her hair and toxic cheap plastic jewelry all over her. I never know what it's going to be.

Grandma also has a bizarre need to remove mildly soiled clothes from Violet's body. When she was potty training I always provided an extra set of clothes, but she's a pee-pee pro now and I forget that other clothing related disasters may befall her. Of course, my idea of a clothing disaster is much different from Grandma's. If odor and wetness are not involved, I say, shine it on until we get home.

Violet came back from her most recent evening with Grandma, dressed in a silky camisole that hasn't fit Grandma in a good ten years. What was the clothing catastrophe that made this ridiculous outfit necessary?

A little bit of stray macaroni & cheese down the front of her dress. 

I'm wondering how much ill-fitting lingerie my mother-in-law is keeping just for this purpose.  I'll let it go for now, but if Violet comes home dressed in a teddy with garter belts, I'll have to put my foot down.

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