Friday, January 30, 2009

Hair of the Blog: Week 1 + Excellent Alternative Reading

It is time once again for me to bring this blog down into crude territory. Those of you not interested in a macro shot of my hairy leg can go see my finer work over at this place:

*I'm gonna act all nonchalant about it, cause I've got bidness to take care of, but I am so excited about contributing HERE. It's like being chosen for high school yearbook staff all over again!


Here is my leg in the beginning stages of reforestation. I say RE-forestation, because I actually shaved my legs for the first time in weeks to participate in this contest. My husband says this stage of growth is his least favorite, because it is prickly. After the hair gets long and soft, it's a non-issue. Yep. We have THAT kind of marriage.

*I am posting this on Flickr so that you can get a REALLY good look at that hair. This blogger version of my photo doesn't do the little forest justice.

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