Friday, December 5, 2008

We Play Nandy Land?

I remember really, really liking Candy Land when I was a child. I can recall the thrill of getting a gumdrop card and moving far ahead on the board.  I also remember the grumpy, disengaged look on my adult opponent's face while we were playing. I was befuddled. How could you be bored with this fast-paced, color driven, candy themed game? It gave me the distinct impression that grown-ups were somehow fundamentally brain damaged by the process of reaching adulthood. I felt sorry for the bland, candy-free lives they were forced to live in service to... well, me.

Now that my own child has a copy of Candy Land, albeit a Dora themed edition, I have come to realize just how sinfully boring the game is. Oh, you want to play Candy Land? Umm, who wants to bake cookies!? I don't want to give Violet the impression that spending time with her is a chore. I love her, but my eyes instantly begin to glaze over when that game board is unfolded. I struggle mightily to get excited over my Boots game piece. I know that games are important to my child's development as a learner and a social being, so I suck it up and stack the deck.

After the first few bouts of Candy Land, I figured out that if I put all the candy cards on the top of the deck, it would shorten the length of the game significantly. I know! Candy Land has nuggets of wisdom for Mommies too. Violet gets the joy of drawing the fun cards. The game is over in 5 minutes. Everybody wins! Well, actually, Violet always wins, but that is another story.

What games do you play together? Electronic Arts and The Parent Bloggers Network want to know, so that they can rescue you with really cool video games that probably require minimal adult involvement!

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